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The Nevada Public Records Act permits citizens to obtain marriage licenses for any union. Searchable online databases make accessing this information free, and citizens can choose from several types of marriage records to aid their research.

This resource provides guidance on how to search Nevada public records to learn more about marriages in the state.

Are Marriage Records Public Information in Nevada?

Citizens might search for public marriage records for different reasons. In some cases, curiosity prompts a marriage search when an individual simply wonders if someone they know is or has been married. Other people use marriage records to bolster their genealogy research, giving them helpful insight into their family’s history.

Newly married couples may also want a marriage license to have on file, which can help them as they apply for a joint bank account or insurance, submit an adoption application, secure a passport, or plan their estate.

No matter their reason for seeking marriage records, citizens can tap into state and local resources to find the information they need. Chapter 239 – Public Records of the Nevada Revised Statutes outlines the public’s access to such records.1 This law makes marriage licenses a part of the public record, which allows individuals to request a copy of any such certificate.

Within 5 business days of a request, the government agency responsible for this record should respond, either providing a copy or explaining why there is a delay. This broad open records law makes securing marriage licenses in Nevada hassle-free when citizens know where to look. In this article, learn more about the state and local agencies that serve as marriage record custodians, which can help guide a search.

In addition to obtaining records directly from these agencies, individuals may also choose to explore state marriage archives for additional information. Historical records are particularly helpful in a genealogical search to confirm unions from decades or even centuries ago.

Additionally, citizens can rely on third-party providers to assist in a Nevada records search. However, it’s important to keep in mind that any records obtained from a third-party provider aren’t considered official—unless the state or county has partnered with this agency. So, while these third-party records can be helpful in providing more information about a Nevada marriage, individuals may not be able to use them for official purposes.

Citizens can also learn more about marriages in Nevada by exploring U.S. Census Bureau data. Every year, the organization publishes the American Community Survey, which provides insight into Nevada marriages and other topics.

The 2022 survey results indicated that 46.1% of males ages 15 and older and 44.4% of females in the same age group are married in Nevada.2 Also, 11.6% of males and 14.6% of females are divorced. Additionally, 38.3% of males and 30.9% of females have never been married.

Exploring the American Community Survey offers interesting information about marriage trends in the state and can supplement a records search.

How To Look Up Free Nevada Marriage Records & Licenses

According to the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, citizens have a few ways to find marriage records in the state. Often, individuals may start their search at the state level with the Office of Vital Records.

In Nevada, this office can provide information on marriages within a specific time frame: between 1968 and September 2005. So, individuals who are seeking information on marriage during this time frame can contact the Office of Vital Records using the steps below.

To obtain a record from this office, individuals should fill out the Request for Marriage or Divorce Search of Records Form to process any request.3 Provide details about the union, including the couples’ names, and the date of the marriage. The search fee of $10 is non-refundable and should be paid when submitting the form.

Screenshot of the marriage records request form showing the fields to fill such as type of search, names of spouses, date of event, additional information, applicant's information, and a box containing details about fees and payment.
Source: Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Office of Vital Records and Statistics3

Write a check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records, or complete the Authorization for Credit Card Use Form and send a copy of a photo ID. Individuals can mail their form and fee to the following address.

Office of Vital Records & Statistics
4150 Technology Way, Suite 104
Carson City, NV 89706

Phone: (775)684-4242

Individuals seeking marriage records outside of the 1968 to 2005 window will need to tap into other resources to secure the information.

In Nevada, counties serve as the primary record custodian for marriage licenses, so a search at the county level can be successful. More information on county-level searches follows. Additionally, this article provides guidance on how to search marriage archives to confirm unions.

​​Sourcing Marriage Records Through Counties in Nevada

Although citizens might start their search at the state level, they may choose to pursue marriage records at the county level as well. Searching county agencies for this information is helpful for citizens who need information on marriages before 1968 or after 2005.

Additionally, county offices often welcome in-person requests, which can be convenient for individuals who live locally. Some counties also have online searches, which allow citizens to obtain marriage record information from the convenience of home.

In Nevada, the county clerk or recorder typically serves as the records custodian for marriage licenses. Individuals can explore the state’s county recorder offices and county clerk offices to begin their search. It’s always best to confirm the custodian by county when beginning a search.

This article focuses on how to obtain marriage records from Nevada’s three largest counties.

Clark County: In Clark County, the Clerk’s Office issues and records marriage licenses. Home to Las Vegas, Clark County is known as the Wedding Capital of the World.

One way to find public records is through the county’s online Marriage Record Search.4 Using this convenient online tool, citizens can input a name to find out if they exchanged vows in Clark County. Additional information, including the year of the union and the license number, can further narrow the search.

Results will reveal all marriage licenses associated with the name. Citizens can click order to request a copy of the marriage record.

A screenshot from the clerk's office records search system displaying the results listing the names of both parties, license number, and license date.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office4

Both certified and non-certified copies are available for online ordering, payable by credit card at the time of the request. Certified copies cost $6.50 each, and non-certified copies are $.50.

The Clark County Clerk’s Office also accepts marriage record requests by mail or in person.5 To make a request by mail, complete the Marriage Documents Order Form. Individuals should provide information about the union, select the type of marriage record they need, and list their shipping information.

Note that Clark County issues three different types of marriage records, detailed below:

  • Certified marriage certificate – This record serves as legal proof of marriage and is often obtained by the couple named on it. These are available for marriages from 1909 to present.
  • Certified marriage license – A license includes all information about the union, including each party’s date of birth. For older unions, marriage certificates lacked this information, so the license is the more detailed record.
  • Marriage abstract – This certified record includes some, but not all, information from the marriage certificate. Some financial institutions or agencies will accept this as official proof of marriage, but it’s best to check before requesting one.

Certified marriage certificates and abstracts are $20 each. A certified marriage license is $6.50.

Individuals can submit their payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check with their mailed application. Send the completed application and payment to the below mailing address.

Individuals can also visit the clerk’s office in person to request a marriage record. They can visit a self-serve kiosk to place their order or walk up to the counter for assistance.

Two clerk’s office locations—the Marriage License Bureau and the Clark County Government Center office—issue certificates. At the Marriage License Bureau, individuals can visit a kiosk for self-service. The Government Center office has staff that can assist with a marriage records request.

Individuals will need to provide the marriage information and pay the fees, listed above, to secure a certificate in person.

The Marriage License Bureau is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight, including on holidays. The Government Center office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Clark County Clerk’s Office – Marriage License Bureau
201 East Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702)671-0600

Clark County Clerk’s Office – Government Center
500 South Grand Central Parkway, 1st Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Phone: (702)671-0600

Mailing Address:

Attn: Marriage Documents
Box 551604
Las Vegas, NV 89155-1604

Washoe County: Washoe County also allows citizens to request marriage records in different ways. One method is using the Washoe County Clerk’s Office’s marriage records online search.

Select copy record search and then marriage application to get started. Individuals can search by name and narrow their search by a time frame or application number. A scanned copy of the marriage application is viewable and available for purchase.

Screenshot from the self-service web of Washoe County displaying the search results, which include the marriage application number, names of both applicants and application date.
Source: Washoe County Clerk6

A certified copy is $6.50, and a non-certified copy is $.50. Note that this marriage application search shows couples who applied to marry in the county—it does not serve as proof of being wed.

Washoe County Clerk’s Office
1001 East 9th St.
Reno, NV 89512

Phone: (775)328-2003

For official proof of marriage, citizens have other ways to obtain a certificate through the Washoe County Recorder’s Office.7 Individuals can request paper or digital copies through an online document search.

After choosing paper or digital copy, search by name. Select the marriage certificate, and add it to the cart to place the order. Note that both paper and digital marriage certificates are $15 each.

If citizens can’t find the record they’re seeking online, they can visit the Washoe County Recorder’s Office for in-person service. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Washoe County Recorder’s Office
1001 East 9th St., Bldg. A, Suite 140
Reno, NV 89512

Phone: (775)328-3660

Lyon County: Citizens seeking information on Lyon County unions have several ways to secure the marriage record. First, check out the online records search available for unions from 1970 to today. Note that the online search provides access to unofficial copies, so while they can be informational, they can’t be used for official purposes.

This search provides a few options. Individuals can search marriage certificates by book type, which will offer a listing of all unions in the given time frame. They may also search by name to pull up any marriage licenses associated with that person.

A screenshot of the marriage records search tool from Lyon County displaying the fields provided for party name, marriage date range, document number, book type, book, and page.
Source: Lyon County Recorder8

After finding the records, individuals can view or print it.

To secure an official marriage certificate in Lyon County, citizens can request the record online, over the phone, via fax, via email, or in person. Individuals may complete the Online Document Request Form, providing details about the marriage record they’re seeking.9

They can then fax or email the form to the contact information below. Phone requests are also available by calling the office.

Additionally, the Lyon County Recorder’s Office also welcomes in-person requests during business hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Certified marriage certificates are $15 per copy, payable at the time of the request. Individuals can pay by credit card (in person or over the phone) or check.

Lyon County Recorder’s Office
27 South Main Street
Yerington, NV 89447

Phone: (775)463-6581
Fax: (775)463-5305

If citizens search for marriage records by city in Nevada, they’ll be redirected to county offices, such as the clerk or recorder, for this information. Also, it’s important to note that common law marriages are not legal in Nevada, so no records for these unions are available. More information about searching historical marriage archives follows, providing helpful information for people researching their genealogy.

Searching the Nevada State Archives at No Cost

For some citizens, accessing the Nevada State Archives can provide additional insight into unions they’re researching. While the county offices have the broadest databases of marriage records in the state, the Archives can serve as an additional resource in some instances. According to the Nevada State Archives, it holds the marriage records for the following counties and time frames:10

  • Carson County, Utah and Nevada territory marriages from 1856-1862
  • Douglas, Lyon, Ormsby, Storey, and Washoe County marriage records from 1862-1900

These records are available on microfilm, so they can confirm a union during this time frame. However, the Nevada State Archives cannot provide an official copy of a marriage certificate. Citizens should contact county offices using the steps outlined earlier in this article for an official record.

The Nevada State Archives is open to visitors at its library in Carson City. The Research Room is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Individuals do not need to have an appointment during this time.

However, if they want to visit outside of those hours, they should call the Archives to schedule an appointment. During their visit, citizens can view the microfilm marriage records available on site.

Additionally, individuals can contact the Nevada State Archives through its “Ask an Archivist” form. This form can be a good way to confirm that a record is available before making the trip to the library.

Nevada State Archives
100 North Stewart Street
Carson City, NV 89701

Phone: (775)684-3310

Individuals developing their family tree can access other historical archives to bolster their research. The National Archives provides a helpful guide on how to begin genealogy research.11 Additionally, citizens may find marriage records through other local resources, including the following:

  • Church archives that may document unions held at the religious institution
  • Newspaper archives featuring historical marriage announcements
  • Local libraries and genealogy societies that may house archived marriage indexes

How To Obtain a Nevada Marriage License (Application Process)

Nebraska counties oversee the marriage license application process, and procedures may vary between counties. However, many counties now offer an online marriage license application, which allows couples to begin the process at home before appearing in person.

The marriage license application lists basic information, including the couple’s names and contact information. When the couple appears at the county office to secure their license, they will need to provide additional information, such as their Social Security numbers, and show a photo ID.

In Clark County, for example, couples can apply for the marriage license online, and the application stays in the county system for one year.12 Any time during that year, couples can appear in person to submit their photo ID, pay the fee, and complete their application.

A screenshot of a part of the Clark County online application form for marriage showing a short instruction and reminder, and fields for one applicant's name, gender, and current residence.
Source: Clark County Clerk’s Office13

Marriage license fees vary by county but typically range from $85 to $100. These marriage licenses are valid for one year, and there’s no waiting period, which means couples can marry as soon as their application is complete.

With the help of this resource, citizens are now ready to search Nevada marriage records to learn more about unions in the state.


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